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About Danya River

Hello lovely human!  Here's where you can learn a bit about me. 


I have been a Leadership & Somatic Life Coach for the last 16 years.  I am trained as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (nervous system and trauma healer), relationship & personal growth teacher, intuition trainer and strategic problem solver/ consultant, with additional training in the application of attachment theory and Internal Family Systems (IFS).

I was born into a living laboratory for personal, relational and spiritual development.  My parents, Robert Gass & Judith Ansara, were personal-growth pioneers and significant contributors to the movement.


As a teen, I rebelled against my upbringing by trying hard to be "normal." I cynically rolled my eyes at anything remotely healing or growth oriented. But as I entered my 20's, I found myself struggling, and I realized I might have something to gain by exploring all that "weird stuff." 


Life hands us all some blows — me included.  And, beyond that, life offers endless opportunities to overcome, grow and expand as a person.


I immersed myself in trainings and dove deep into my own healing and personal transformation.  I moved from being a numb, traumatized, disconnected, unemotional, resigned and cynical person into someone who thrives and creates magic.  


It turned out that not only did that "weird stuff" seriously help me, but becoming a facilitator for others was my calling and the fulfillment of a powerful family legacy.

As a curious, lifelong learner, I am endlessly fascinated by the potential to evolve. I continually apply that passion toward my own growth.  I walk the talk every day.

I love helping people connect with their power and establish a foundation of deep wellness, inspiration and skill from which to transform themselves and every area of their lives. 

I live in my hometown, Boulder, CO, with my long-term life partner — who is as fiendishly growth-oriented as I am.  One of our favorite activities is coming up with games to make our relationship even more joyful, easeful and fulfilling.

Training & Education

  • Co-active Professional Coach Training (with CTI/Co-active Training Institute)

  • Internal Family Systems Circle Training (IFS Institute)

  • Somatic Experiencing® Professional Training (Somatic Experiencing International)

  • Attachment Mastery (with Diane Poole Heller)

  • DARe 2: Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning Experience (with Diane Poole Heller)

  • Authentic Relating Training (9 years in various modalities)

  • Landmark Education (Curriculum for Living [including the Landmark Forum, Advanced Course and Self Expression and Leadership Programs], Introduction Leaders Program and the 3-year Wisdom course series)

  • Psychic Intuitive Training (with Simple Spirit and Psychic Horizons)

  • Touch Skills Training for Trauma Therapists (Levels I & II with Kathy Kain)

  • SE Master Class: Advanced Work with Complex Syndromes (with Peter Levine)

  • Musing from the Womb (Pre- and Perinatal Trauma Training with Ariel Giarretto)

  • Reiki Practitioner Training

  • Wesleyan University (CT) - Undergraduate 

NOTE: I am NOT a trained or licensed mental health practitioner.  For more info, please read this Mandatory Disclosure

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