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Are you a purpose-driven person ready for a significant change in your personal, relational, emotional, spiritual or professional life? 

You're competent and you like to make things happen. Life is going pretty well overall, but perhaps you are feeling stuck in a specific area...

Are you challenged by any of the following:

  • Feeling unsatisfied?

  • Facing a big life transition?

  • You're excited for something new but not sure where to start?

  • You've tried to make change, but it doesn't "stick"?

  • Running up against the same old blocks?

  • Your relationships aren't as easy, close or fulfilling as you'd like?

  • People pleasing (not setting boundaries or making choices that serve you)?

  • Or your communications can be explosive / destructive?

  • Being disconnected from your emotions?

  • Feeling ruled by your emotions?

  • Past trauma getting in the way of your joy, self-worth, connection with others or the ability to make progress?

  • Feeling hesitant (but ready) to take the next steps?  

I can help you:

  • Feel unlimited, powerful and fulfilled

  • Experience ease, confidence and joy in connection with partners, friends, family, coworkers

  • Feel deeply worthy

  • Live an engaging life of purpose, vision and effectiveness in every area


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“I’ve never felt more comfortable in my own skin nor been this excited to be alive. 


Working with Danya was wonderfully healing, heart opening, and hilarious. She brings a beautiful blend of space holding, creative play, and expertise to each of the sessions. I’m so glad I reached out and had the opportunity to work with her. I recommend you do the same.”

-Traver Bohem - Coach, Author and Men's Empowerment Leader

What makes the difference

Coaching typically focuses on shifting mindset and setting/ accomplishing goals.  Most therapeutic modalities help us understand ourselves, resolve difficult emotions and perhaps improve relationships or behaviors.  

We will tend to all of these elements in our work together.

That said, one of the biggest —and least-tended-to—barriers to change is your nervous system.


When you try to do something your body perceives as unsafe (or unknown), your fight, flight, freeze or people-pleasing responses will usually take over. That would be fine, except your nervous system is often reacting to threats that aren't real.  And you can't just "convince" your body that it's safe.

Your body cares more about avoiding discomfort and perceived threats than about you being happy and fulfilled.  So, when you blaze forward to make change, you may end up playing play tug-o-war with your survival instincts.


That's why shifting your mindset, setting goals and trying to create new habits often aren’t enough.   To make foundational change, your body needs to feel safe enough to become an ally in your growth.  

We will address all levels of your experience.  We'll upgrade your nervous system, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, trauma, intuition, habits, relational skills and external life structures. This will allow you to sustain profound change, live the life you want and be the kind of person you always wanted to be.  

Let's blow the roof off what's possible.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Before booking a consultation...

Please note that I do not work with those experiencing crisis, mental disorders (bi-polar, personality disorders, schizophrenia, major depression, etc), developmental issues, head injuries, complex/developmental PTSD, suicidality, addictions or significant eating disorders.  For help with these, please check out: or

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