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Please enjoy downloading or streaming all my music for free

If my music moves you, and you'd like to help me create more, I gratefully accept donations to cover my expenses



Released 2016

Released 2004


Released 2011

Released 2004

Released 2001

I rely on my savings and donations to fund my ability to record and share music.


My out-of-pocket, studio production costs are ~$1,500 USD per song (without personally receiving anything). 


Just to recoup expenses, every song would need to be streamed 375,000 times. Though my music has had a meaningful impact, most people haven't heard it. My most popular song has been streamed around 160,000 times ($640 received).  But most of my songs have under 3,000 streams ($12 received). 

If my music moves you, would you be interested in helping me record more?  

I have a long list of special songs awaiting funding that I'm eager to bring to the studio!

Any size contribution is appreciated.  :)

Thank you, friend!

Venmo to:  @danyariver
Listen on:
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