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Has your self-trust, confidence or sense of self-worth
taken a hit? 

You are self-aware and growth-oriented... but perhaps you've experienced gaslighting or other unhealthy dynamics that have caused you to doubt yourself or override your intuition, boundaries or wellbeing.

This coaching will help you:

  • Regain your confidence, power, courage & self-trust

  • Heal trauma & restore wellbeing

  • Reactivate your intuition/ inner guidance system

  • Reconnect to your body & emotions

  • Release shame & self-doubt

  • Reclaim your voice

  • Stop people pleasing

  • Ignite healthy self-protection & self-advocacy

  • Set good boundaries & make empowered choices

  • Let go of (or truly transform) unhealthy relationships and environments

  • Feel at ease, free, safe, happy and whole


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About the Process

I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (nervous system/trauma specialist), Life Coach and an Intuition and Relationship Teacher.  I am also trained in the application of attachment theory and Internal Family Systems (IFS).


Sometimes understanding your story, processing your feelings, shifting your perspective or the meaning you make, setting goals or creating new habits or behaviors is not sufficient to fully heal or grow. 


To make foundational change, your body generally needs to feel safe enough to become an ally in your evolution. The body gives us information as to what is aligned, true, good and healthy for us... and what is not. But, for various reasons, we can end up invalidating and overriding those signals — either to fit in, please others, be "good," have "integrity," fulfill a mission, or to avoid embarrassment, conflict or danger. 


This is why your nervous system needs to be addressed and fully included. The fight, flight, freeze, collapse/shame and people-pleasing threat responses need to be validated, understood and resolved — at the physiological level — to truly heal and move forward.

Together we will work with all aspects of your experience.  You'll heal trauma, upgrade your nervous system, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, intuition, behaviors, relationships and external life structures. This will allow you to feel well, discover what you want, create profound change and be the fullest, most-radiant YOU.  

If you are specifically looking to reckon with and unwind from your experience with Landmark Education, I spent 10 years (in the 2000s) studying with Landmark and have both harvested gifts from that work as well as experienced some of the shadows.  I can help you heal and find your clarity and empowerment.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Before booking a consultation...

Please note that I do not work with those experiencing crisis, mental disorders (bi-polar, personality disorders, schizophrenia, major depression, etc), developmental issues, head injuries, complex/developmental PTSD, suicidality, addictions or significant eating disorders.  For help with these, please check out: or

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Restoring Boundaries
& Self-Trust

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