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Create a Fulfilling Life

We are in the middle of a global shakedown.  You are not alone if you feel especially anxious or overwhelmed right now. 

I am here to help you ease your burden... and then live your one, precious life with meaning, passion, connection, heart and depth.

The Two Types of People I Serve:

I can help you...
  • Feel safe, deeply nourished, peaceful, strong & capable.

  • Learn to bounce back quickly when things get hard.

  • Enjoy more ease, safety, confidence & fulfillment in connection with others.

  • Move beyond old traumas & upsets.

  • Live a life of purpose, passion, presence, belonging, & contribution.

  • Anxiety, overwhelm, shame, numbness or low self-esteem?

  • Being hard on yourself, over-giving & neglecting self-care?

  • Feeling insecure & unworthy in relationships?

  • Past trauma that still affects you?

  • Knowing you're not fulfilling your fullest potential because you're avoiding upsetting people & worrying what they might think/feel?

Do you struggle with...

You’re here to make a difference, but your sensitivity, lack of confidence and fear of upsetting people get in the way.  You want to feel confident, safe and empowered to contribute your gifts.

The Empathic People-Pleaser

Your busyness, success and high intellect mask an underlying disconnection from your feelings, yourself and others.  You know you're driving yourself too hard and missing out on the deeper satisfaction of life. 

Sound familiar?
  • You're over-committed & stressed.

  • You secretly long for deeper connection, but nobody really gets in. 

  • You're used to "winning." You know you need to slow down & feel more (even though you resist it).

  • You probably experienced trauma, but who wants to admit to and deal with that?

  • You know there's more to life.  

  • Rejuvenate and fill up your battery.

  • Master your emotions.

  • Enjoy more meaning, connection, trust & fulfillment in all your relationships.

  • Show that trauma who's boss.

  • Feel connected, on purpose, balanced & fulfilled.

I can help you...
 The Relentless Achiever

Are you...

  • An adult who wants to feel better AND live a rich and meaningful life?

  • Functioning relatively well in day-to-day life ...though life probably looks a little different right now!

  • Ready and willing to put in the work to produce results?

  • Have resources to invest in your healing and growth

I am not currently serving those experiencing:

Mental Illness, Developmental Disorders, Addictions, Significantly-disordered Eating, Head Injuries or Brain-function Impairment,  Active Suicidal or Self-harm Ideation

How it Works

I help people heal and make change using a combination of Somatic Experiencing® and Life Coaching.  


Somatic Experiencing (SE) is like "personal training" for your nervous system.  It gently, effectively and quickly trains your body and mind to self-regulate... resolving stress, anxiety, trauma and overwhelm... shifting fight, flight and freeze into resilience and power.  Unlike many other approaches, it primarily works with the body and does not require you to talk about your history and "issues" over and over.  And once you're feeling better...



Here's where you step into creating a deeply-rewarding, wildly-growthful, love-filled life that truly matters.  We'll accomplish this through coaching, personal development, visioning, relationship skill building, attachment repair, intuition training, mindfulness, accountability and more. 

We can work together remotely via Skype/Zoom, or in-person in Boulder, CO, USA... pandemics permitting!

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This music is a gift from my heart to yours.
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It's breathtaking that we such easy access to filling our ears, hearts & homes with music from around the world.  That said, download & streaming sales don’t begin to cover most musicians' equipment, recording and production costs, let alone rent & food, etc.  

I am committed to creating more beautiful music to share & to ensuring the financial health of the musicians I work with...and myself!

If the music I make moves you, would you please consider supporting my gifts? (Any size donation appreciated!)


Thank you for your financial contribution... and more importantly, for your care, which fuels me more than you know.

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